Welcome! to the new look site

Welcome one and all! As you can see A1 Chat Rooms has undergone a HUGE! facelift, this has taken the best part of two months to complete and has enabled us to provide even more super cool features for our fantastic members. A1 Chat Rooms began in 1996 with one guy who had a dream! in those days it was easy to get noticed and A1Chat Rooms rapidly established itself as the number one chat site on the web. A loyal following began and within a year A1 Chat had over 30 thousand members, now we count that in millions!

The new look site enables fast fluid communications, with video chat, messaging, advanced search features amongst many other new bits and pieces. One thing remains true, we are decdicated to providing a place for you to find friendship, dates and fun. Our members our like family, and we hope that you continue to find the chat room fun you've always had! ENJOY!