Dating for Singles

Yes, it might as well be admitted - dating can be a little complicated. For one thing, if your former relationship ended badly, your self-esteem may well have taken a hefty tumble. You may fear the prospect of getting hurt or abandoned again more than you look forward to the possibility of happiness with a new soul mate. It inevitably takes time for the rawness to soothe. However, the future does not have to be an action re-play of the past, and your devotion to children should you any does not necessarily have to compete with your own need for a fulfilling partnership.

Placing yourself back into various social networks is the key to meeting someone new. Whether you opt for “live” encounters such as enrolling on an evening course, taking dance classes, joining a gym or health club, or “virtual” alternatives such as internet dating, the chances are that you are going to bump into someone where that “something special” starts to shimmer and shine between you.

Give yourselves time to get to know one another better before you start introducing prospective partners to children, though. A relationship is a kind of journey or transition and, as the old Chinese proverb puts it, “the longest journeys always begin with the first step.” Well that step is finding out whether you get on together and enjoy one another’s company. Once you feel more confident about that, you can begin thinking about introducing the children. There may not be a science to these early moves in the relationship dance, but there is an art. Sudden, headlong moves are best avoided. Gradual and small movements tend to be more stable in the long-run than fast and frenetic ones.